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Palm Beach Aruba's Queen Beatrix International Airport is located near Oranjestad. According to the Aruba Airport Authority, almost 1.7 million travelers used the airport in 2005, 61% of whom were Americans. Aruba has two ports, Barcadera and Playa, which are located in Oranjestad and Barcadera. The Port of Playa services all the cruise-ship lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, NCL, Holland America Line, Disney Cruise Line and others. Nearly on

e million tourists enter this port per year. Aruba Ports Authority, owned and operated by the Aruban government, runs these seaports. Arubus is a government-owned bus company. Its buses operate from 3:30 a.m. until 12:30 a.m., 365 days a year. Small private vans also provide transportation services in certain areas such Hotel Area, San Nicolaas, Santa Cruz and Noord. A street car service runs on rails on the Mainstreet


The Aruba Tourism Authority provides free Wi-Fi zones in renowned areas around the island, in order to enhance our visitors' experience.


Water-enEnergiebedrijf Aruba, N.V. (W.E.B.) produces potable industrial water at the world's third largest desalination plant.[28] Average daily consumption in Aruba is about 37,000 long tons (38,000 t).


There are three telecommunications providers: Setar, a government-based company, Mio Wireless and Digicel, both of which are privately owned. Setar is the provider of services such as internet, video conferencing, GSM wireless technology and land lines.[30]Digicel is Setar's competitor in wireless technology using the GSM platform, and Mio Wireless provides wireless technology and services using CDMA

Places of interest


Notable people

•    Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister of the People's Revolutionary Government of Grenada[33]
•    XanderBogaerts, MLB shortstop of the Boston Red Sox
•    BeticoCroes, political activist
•    Henny Eman, first prime minister of Aruba
•    Bobby Farrell, musician
•    Jossy Mansur, editor of the Papiamento language newspaper, Diario
•    Nelson Oduber, prime minister
•    Sidney Ponson, MLB pitcher
•    Michael Posner, international casino owner
•    FredisRefunjol, governor
•    Julia Renfro, newspaper editor and photographer

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